Tilt-Trim motor for Honda application

Professionally manufactured by HJ Starter

These Honda tilt trim motor replacement products are designed and built to meet OEM standards for both quality and fitment.  These tilt - trim motors are direct fit motors with direct fit plug in.

Looking for an tilt & trim motor for Honda marine with an competitive wholesale price? Look no further! HJ Starter manufactures and supplies premium quality tilt & trim motor for various of marine models. We also back every tilt trim motor with a one-year warranty.

what is tilt and trim on a boat motor

Power Tilt & trim units are electro-hydraulic mechanisms driven by a motor-driven gear pump as source of providing hydraulic pressure. The angle of the outboard machine is actively changed by trim function, and an efficient running is secured. Tilt function is useful for the protection of the outboard engine. Moreover, the hull and outboard engine are prevented being damaged by Shock absorbing function.

The trim motor is the motor that lifts the motor (outboard) or the outdrive(inboard/outboard), up and down. By adjusting the angle on the motor, we could get the best performance of the boat. If the trim is not adjustable because the trim motor is bad, the boat will work but not at its best. It is pretty important unless you are keeping the boat in deep water all the time and not hauling it ever in a trailer, as you need (or should) trim the engine up to haul.

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