Motorcycle Starter

Quick Starts for Motorcycles

To start your motorcycle engine, it must be turned at some speed to suck and compress the air-fuel mixture. For a long time in history, people had been cranking manually to turn the engine over; But it is a physically-demanding task to do so. The electric device named a starter was invented as a convenience to replacing the manual cranking job, which engages with the engine’s flywheel when you push the start button or turn the ignition key; The starter spins the flywheel to begin the combustion process. The starter is powered by your motorcycle’s battery and is turned off once the engine speed exceeds the speed of the starter.

Its malfunction or failure to operate means that you will not be able to start the engine. If you smell smoke or hear grinding noise when starting the engine, or your engine is not turning over, there’s a huge likelihood your starter is nonfunctional. Motorcycles are still widely used in many contries, annual usage of motorcycle starter parts globally is big and growing in some contries.

Here at HJ starter, we are providing you with high quality and affordable electric starter parts. We are proud of being one of the most established companies in China capable of not only manufacturing starter parts but also to supply and sell to our customers. Over a decade, we manufacture starter products for motorcycles, ranging from 50cc-2000cc, with annual output over 2 million sets of starter parts.

We have been focusing on manufacturing, supplying and selling motorcycle starter parts for all reputable brands. Whether you are looking for electric starter motor used on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, KTM or any replacement parts interchanging other aftermarket brands WAI, Arrowhead, J & N, LESTER, DB ELECTRIC; then, we are the guys to go.

Don’t let your faulty starter prevent you from your desired trip! Look through our comprehensive selection of superior motorcycle starters and components where you will find everything you need to replace or repair your starter.


For starter parts wholesalers, distributors, or resellers, buying form us, you will get 100% Brand New Aftermarket Part manufactured by HJ Starter at a much competitive price, compared with your local distributors.

We are one of China’s most established companies with a specialty in manufacturing and supplying motorcycle starter parts. We have our own starter products factory where customers are free to visit, sample and buy our products. Our products are available at a friendly price but of the highest quality standard in the market. Customers are free to visit our factory and buy products at a wholesale price.

The starter products are offered with features as below without compromising the product quality. Every motor are 100% performance inspected, which meets OEM standards for both quality and fitment.

  » Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts – Each HJ starter was designed to meet or exceed original (OEM) equipment specifications
  » Long-term reliability –High quality brushes, bushings and armatures for longer service life and better effciency.
  » Premium materials – Copper and silver contacts instead of cheaper aluminum or steel ones.
  » Cost-Saving – As a professional manufacturer, we can offer these exceptional-quality electrical components at low factory direct prices.